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Welcome Everyone!

This website offers employers, employees and individuals an easy way to determine what their obligations and options are under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), as we understand it today.​​

​By clicking on the menu selection at the top of the page that fits your situation and answering a few questions, we’ll be able to show  you what your options are.  In some cases, the best solution for you may involve paying an additional tax.  We’ll show you how much that tax might be and how to avoid some of the tax by making some simple adjustments to your health insurance plans or business models.​​

There are some simple yet effective ways for employers, employees and individuals to reduce their health insurance costs.  Some of those ways are not immediately obvious unless you understand how the new healthcare laws and HHS regulations work in conjunction with certain IRS regulations.​

We’ve made an in-depth study of all of this for you and have simplified the process of making an educated decision.  We’ve  narrowed it down to the most common situations that employers, employees and individuals face and documented multiple options for you to compare side-by-side.  In many cases, you’ll be surprised at what the most beneficial and economical options are.​

Information on additional topics of interest is listed in the left most column. You can click on those anytime to go directly to that topic.​

Once you have made a decision, you’ll be linked directly to the insurance companies or your local state exchange where you can get more information and apply for the plans that best fit your situation.  You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with a licensed agent in your state if you have unanswered questions or need assistance.​

There are dramatic and substantial changes coming in the health insurance industry.  And with that come important decisions that will affect you, your family and your company.  We are committed to keeping you informed and helping you make an educated decision.​

Any time you have a question about your health insurance options and obligations, about the ACA act, or simply need advice on what to do next, feel free to contact us and one of our licensed and experienced agents will get back to asap.  You can also simply click here to ask your question and we'll get back to you as soon as we have an answer.