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Plans for Self-employed

 Through this exchange you can  purchase both ACA and non-ACA compatible plans.  Depending on State availability, all the major carriers including United Healthcare, Aetna, Coventry, Humana, Blue  Cross Blue Shield, Cigna  and many others will be available.  By law, all of the plans available through your State’s public  exchange are available through this exchange.  This exchange also includes additional ACA compatible plans not available on the public exchange.​

Non-ACA compatible plans provide excellent coverage, with  $2-$5 million in  annual limits per person.  These are designed for healthy individuals and families who do not have pre-existing conditions.  Click here to review the "Side-by-Side Health Plans Comparison" and get more details on non-ACA compatible plans.​

Premiums for these plans can be paid for out of pretax dollars with the appropriate IRS qualified plan set up for your business.  Even businesses with only 1 employee can benefit from one of these plans.

For those with preexisting conditions, you will need to purchase an ACA compatible plan through this exchange.  You may still be able to use pretax dollars to make your purchase and may or may not  be able to take advantage of any government subsidies, depending on your specific situation.  One of our experienced health insurance agents will be able to help you determine exactly what you qualify for.

In order to pay your premiums out of pretax dollars, you will need to set up the appropriate plan through Sections 125, 105 or 106P of the IRS code.  We have TPAs (Third Party Administrators) who set up the appropriate plan for your situation and manage the plan for you for a minimal fee each month.  Your agent will recommend the best company for your situation and State.