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ACA Compatible Health Plans

Affordable Care Act (ACA) compatible health plans will be offered by all the major health insurance carriers.  They will all have a basic set of "Essential Benefits" that includes a free physical every year, low deductibles, limited out of pocket expenses, no declination of coverage due to preexisting conditions and unlimited coverage.​

There will be four basic levels of plans designated as Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Bronze plans will cost less than Silver and Silver less than Gold, etc.  Each of the plans will cover a different amount of the actuarial costs of your healthcare, ranging from 90% for Platinum to 60% for Bronze. For an explanation of the actuarial costs, see "What Does Actuarial Value Mean In Practical Terms" in the FAQ.  Suffice it to say that you should think of this as your typical 90, 80, 70, 60 coinsurance plans with a limit on your deductible and out-of-pocket costs.​

Some of these plans will be offered via your local State exchange.  Others will be available only through private exchanges.  Private exchanges, like this one, will provide access to all of the plans available through your state exchange plus the additional ones offered only through private exchanges.
You will have an opportunity to review all of the plans, ask questions and clearly understand what you are buying and why before you make a purchase.  It is important that you understand that these plans are distinctly different from the Medicare approach to health insurance.  The government is not providing or offering any health insurance.  All the insurance will be provided by private insurance companies like United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, etc.

It is also important to understand that "Navigators" who are available to assist you via the public exchanges will not be able to provide any information or guidance with regards to different health plans and how one might better fit your needs than another.  Only licensed insurance agents like those available through this exchange can provide that type of guidance and advice.