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Free Low Cost Prescription Resources


Patient Assistance Programs* is a list of all of the patient assistance programs from all the pharmaceutical manufacturers all in one place.  In addition there are association programs and other agencies that offer help with specific medications.  They are all here in one place.  Simply click on the logo to get to the website.


Reliable Canadian Pharmacy* is a reliable Canadian pharmacy.  Prescriptions from Canada are typically cheaper than in the US.  They get generics in Canada before we do here in the US, partly due to a difference in patent expiration laws.  Brand name prescriptions are cheaper due to Canadian laws that prohibit pharmaceutical companies from recovering their development costs as part of the pricing of the drugs.  No prescription card is required, but you must submit a doctor's prescription when you order.

Click on the logo above and check your own prescription costs.          


Best Pricing on Local RX and Labs*

RxCut is a good resource to determine the lowest price for your prescriptions local to where you are.  Prescriptions can vary dramatically between side-by-side pharmacies, so it is always advisable to check pricing before you go.  This is also a great resource to get lab work done at 50% to 75% less than the fees charged through your doctor's office.​