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Option 3
No Employer Assistance Offered

Under this  scenario, those with preexisting conditions should sign up for an ACA compatible plan. ​

​Healthy families and individuals can purchase non-ACA compatible major medical health insurance  with a $2 - $5 million dollar annual limits.  Total costs for these plans including any additional taxes are  40% to 70%  cheaper than ACA compatible plans and they offer excellent coverage without all the bells and whistles.

These plans do not cover preexisting conditions.  In the event that someone has an accident or contracts a major illness during the time the policy is in force, the plan will cover any necessary treatment after deductible and co-insurance are met at 100% up to the annual limit ($2-$5 million depending on plan chosen).  Then during ACA open enrollment between Oct .and Dec. of each year, employees can elect to move to an ACA compatible plan via this exchange and obtain unlimited coverage for any and all preexisting conditions beginning Jan. 1st of the following year.   So the concept here is buy less expensive health plans while you are healthy and then when you get sick, move to the more expensive plans with guaranteed acceptance.

What Happens if I Opt-out of Health Insurance?

If you chose not to buy any form of health insurance and then have a major health event or accident, NO HEALTH INSURANCE WILL BE AVAILABLE TO YOU, until January 1st of the next year.  Under the new healthcare laws, doctors, hospitals, labs and emergency rooms will be writing far fewer charges as uncollectable.  They will be pursuing payment and will limit services to those without health insurance.